Hans and Sienna – Pets of the Month – May 2017

Hans and Sienna

Q: If your cats had to pick 3 things to bring to a deserted island, what would they be?

Hans: “a map of the island, a star chart and 15 yards of 22-gauge bronze wire to keep me company or to mold into a fishing net”

Sienna: “eye liner, earrings and a phone so I can talk to mommy when Hans is boring me”

Q: If your cats had a tagline, what would it be?

Hans: “I’m a philosopher, a realist, but also a dreamer and a lover!”

Sienna: “Some people just like me for my good looks, but there’s a heart of gold under this beautiful fur coat.”

Q: What are your cats favorite TV show?

Hans: “Sienna and I abstain from TV, but we listen to hours of NPR. One of our favorite shows is On Point with Tom Ashbrook. He has a smart and compassionate voice, and although I’ve never laid eyes on him, I’d let him pet me. Sienna and I need to know what’s going on in the world, which can be depressing at times. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is our weekly uplift.”

Sienna: “I enjoy watching the birds and cars go by on the eight TVs we have in our home.”

Q: What are your cats currently day dreaming about?

Hans: “Frolicking in an expansive grassy (catnip filled) field with butterflies”

Sienna: “Playing tennis with diamonds and pearls on a court made of crinkly gold foil”

Q: If your cats were to have a career, what would they be?

Hans:  “After five lives spent teaching astronomy at NYU, I’ve decided to focus my next two lives as a botanist before devoting my remaining two lives as the first feline astronaut on the Mars One mission.”

Sienna: “Absolutely without a doubt, a screen actress. Think: Elizabeth Taylor. Obviously!”

Q: Tell us why you have the best cats ever.

Hans: “My mommy is the best because when I want to play hide-and-go-seek she never grows tired of the game. We chase each other all over the apartment. When she goes to work, I wait at the door for her. She built a raised ledge so that I can see her when she walks up the steps. I give her the warmest greeting and let her scratch my back, no matter how long she’s been gone. I enjoy making funny faces and hearing her laugh. We like to dance while listening to her Spotify mixes. Sometimes she lets me sit on the porch with her. I know not to go running, and that’s why she lets me keep her company while she tends to her garden.”

Sienna: “I never pass up the opportunity to cuddle with mommy. She likes to use my belly as a pillow and I purr for hours. I taught her how to play fetch with my favorite toy – a simple straw, or really anything tubular. She doesn’t mind it that I like to follow her around, like everywhere, seriously. I think I’m a good helper in the studio. Sometimes she even takes me on adventures in the cat backpack. We go riding around on her bicycle. When I hear mommy’s alarm go off, I knead her belly to help her get up, since I know how much she hates mornings. We have a special secret language so I can tell her secrets that I don’t want Hans to know. She’s pretty much the best.”


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