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Charleston Harbor Veterinarians is focused on providing comfortable veterinary care in Charleston. Your pet’s comfort is vital to successful health outcomes.  Your own comfort is just as important; you know first hand how your pet feeds off your moods.  Research has proven and we’ve seen first hand how the best vet visits include a comfortable pet. When you remove the stress:

  • Doctor exams are more thorough

  • Potential problems are less likely to be concealed

  • Treatments and medications are administered successfully

  • Pets recover quicker

  • Everyone leaves with a smile

It’s therefore no coincidence that Charleston Harbor Veterinarians puts comfort at a premium throughout your vet clinic visit.  In fact, reducing stress begins before the first medical visit ever occurs.  We’ll start by inviting you to a free meet and greet at the clinic with your pet just to meet the team, sniff around, get some treats and have an overall positive first impression.  At this time we’ll also discuss with you some things you can do at home to help prepare and de-stress your pet for that first medical visit.

When you do arrive you’ll find it is designed as a low-stress clinic with the goal to make you and your pet more comfortable in a welcoming and home-like feel.  We want you to feel you are walking into a friend’s living room when you visit CHV, not the ER.  What you won’t find are typical medical grade floors, seating, or the cold sterile décor that’s found in many healthcare facilities.

Our exam rooms are fitted with dutch doors, a ceiling fan, a window, comfortable seating, and guest wifi. The calm and welcoming environment along with positive reinforcement and healthy treats will help to relax your pet. There are comfortable resting areas to make your pet feel more at home, windows to see outside, a textured floor to reduce slipping, and limited use of metal exam tables.

  • No stress meet and greet before the first visit

  • Tips for preparing your pet at home

  • A home feel, not a cold hospital

  • Dutch doors in exam rooms – you won’t be shut off and forgotten about

  • Windows in all exam rooms

  • Cat window seat

  • Private consultation room

  • The vet addresses your pet on their level

  • Beverages, wifi

  • In-room checkout

  • Healthy treats

With a staff trained in low-stress veterinary visits along with other small alterations in standard procedures, we are working hard to make your experience a comfortable one each time.

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Love this place! A very relaxed and comfortable environment, and the staff is so nice and very professional. I would highly recommend to any pet owner, especially those of you with anxious pets. I think my cat actually kind of enjoys going to the vet. -Mary B. on Yelp | Click to Read all Yelp Reviews

5 Stars on Facebook

Best Vet I have ever been to! I have a scardy cat, the Doc got down on the floor for what felt like ten minutes, just to get my fluffy to be calm, totally worked. So heartwarming! Love these guys! – I.Mills on Facebook | Click to Read all Facebook Reviews

5 Stars on Google

They are awesome. Love Harbor vets. Attentive to my puppy’s routine meds, loving and affectionate with her, and they explain everything so you can make informed decisions. The exam rooms are warm comfortable and the facility is immaculate. My puppy loves it too. – Sally O. on Google | Click to Read all Google Reviews

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