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280 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

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 Great Medicine. Good Sense.

Charleston Harbor Veterinarians is a veterinary clinic on the peninsula of Charleston, SC providing top quality pet healthcare in a low stress environment.  We opened in early 2015 with a vision to transform the experience of taking your pets to the vet.  Easy to say, hard to do.  After years of experience in veterinary practice though, Dr. Christa Kahuda and Dr. Janette Blackwood teamed up with that vision and a set of common sense solutions to make it happen.

Learn how we make your visit:

◊ Convenient

◊ Comfortable 

◊ Transparent

Great Medicine: First, let’s talk about practicing great veterinary medicine.  As veterinarians it’s our job to provide top notch medical care for your pets.  We know lots of good veterinarians and we are fortunate to be in an industry that is full of talented and honest professionals.  In our experience, their intentions are almost always sincere, but that does not always mean they are in the best interest of you and your pet.  Not only are our veterinarians, Dr. Christa Kahuda and Dr. Janette Blackwood, well respected in the Charleston veterinary community, but they are at the forefront of their profession maintaining the most current best practices for veterinary care.

The vet clinic is equipped with state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment further ensuring a first rate medical option for your pet. Our Team consists of some of the most skilled and compassionate professionals in the veterinary field who are trained in low stress handling.  We are confident that if you are looking for first rate medical care for your pet in Charleston, you will find that option at Charleston Harbor Veterinarians.

Good Sense: Good sense means practicing great medicine while also making the visit comfortable, convenient and transparent.  You’ll also find common sense medicine that helps you make the best decisions for your pet’s health and your budget.  We understand that the costs of veterinary care have risen and that regardless of your love for your pet, there may be limits to what you can afford.  We will always share with you the best possible treatment plan, but we are skilled at providing options for you that help to balance what is best for your situation.  Ultimately, the best treatment plan is the one that can be followed through on and is in best alignment with all considerations.

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Comfort: At Charleston Harbor Veterinarians you’ll find a relaxed home environment helping decrease anxiety for you and your pet. Your pet’s comfort is vital to successful health outcomes.  Your own comfort is just as important; just witness how your pet feeds off your moods.  Research has proven and we’ve seen first hand how the best vet visits include a comfortable pet.

We want you to feel like you are walking into a friend’s living room when you visit CHV, not the ER.  What you won’t find are typical medical grade floors, seating, or the cold sterile décor that’s found in many healthcare facilities.

Our exam rooms are fitted with dutch doors so you never feel forgotten, a ceiling fan, a window, comfortable seating, and guest wifi. The calm and welcoming environment along with positive reinforcement and healthy treats will help to relax your pet. There are comfortable resting areas to make your pet feel more at home, windows to see outside, a textured floor to reduce slipping, and limited use of metal exam tables.

Panaramic Charleston Harbor Veterinarians Reception area

Convenience: Centrally located at 280 Rutledge Ave, we are in downtown Charleston, but without the hassles.  We have easy access right off the Crosstown and a large private on-site parking lot.

Sometimes your pet gets sick or injured at the most inconvenient time.  Our drop off program is for those instances.  Simply fill out our drop off form online no matter how last minute it is, drop your pet off, tend to your busy day and return at the end of the day for pick up.  We will attend to any emergencies, monitor your pet throughout the day, handle all necessary examinations or treatments and communicate with you throughout the day.

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Checking out at a vet clinic can be a major hassle. Let’s eliminate the stress of holding the leash, grabbing the wallet, and trying to hear the receptionist over a barking dog…how about checking out in the exam room too where you can focus on discharge instructions and not feel stressed to just get out as quick as possible.  Checking out in an exam room also offers privacy to ask additional questions and handle financial discussions away from other ears.

Transparency: Dr. Blackwood and Dr. Kahuda realize that in order to achieve the best medical outcomes, our clients must be equally involved and informed in the care of their dog or cat as our staff.  This is why we have created a level of transparency in our veterinary practice that is unparalleled.  If you’ve been to a vet, it’s likely you’ve experienced having your pet being taken away from you to a back area of the hospital where procedures were done without the ability for you to see them. It’s also likely that you’ve left a vet with some uncertainty about the diagnosis, why certain procedures or medications were recommended or other general confusion.  We call this the auto mechanic effect, where the customer is left to simply trust what has been done and then pay their bill.  This is a problem.  We are talking about your pet, an extension of your family after all.

At Charleston Harbor Veterinarians we’ve built a limited walls facility where as much as possible is done right in the exam room with your pet at your side and where even treatment and surgical areas are windowed allowing you to witness procedures as desired.  We’ve integrated an in-house laboratory so you can receive many lab results before you leave and have built in technology to help you learn and see first hand the things your doctor is discussing with you.

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◊ Central Location at Crosstown & Rutledge    ◊ Free Private Parking Lot

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Love this place! A very relaxed and comfortable environment, and the staff is so nice and very professional. I would highly recommend to any pet owner, especially those of you with anxious pets. I think my cat actually kind of enjoys going to the vet. -Mary B. on Yelp | Click to Read all Yelp Reviews

5 Stars on Facebook

Best Vet I have ever been to! I have a scardy cat, the Doc got down on the floor for what felt like ten minutes, just to get my fluffy to be calm, totally worked. So heartwarming! Love these guys! – I.Mills on Facebook | Click to Read all Facebook Reviews

5 Stars on Google

They are awesome. Love Harbor vets. Attentive to my puppy’s routine meds, loving and affectionate with her, and they explain everything so you can make informed decisions. The exam rooms are warm comfortable and the facility is immaculate. My puppy loves it too. – Sally O. on Google | Click to Read all Google Reviews

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